gather on sundays

Jesus loved crowds and we like a big group, too. Sundays are when everyone comes together. It is where we experience the diversity of our community, people who are racially, generationally, and spiritually diverse. The crowds were places where anyone could come to hear and experience Jesus. We want that to be the same for anyone who would check out Project 938 on a Sunday.

hang out in small groups

For people to experience faith in a real way, we help people connect into groups. Groups are where friendships form, questions are processed, and community is nurtured. We often serve people more directly in groups. We believe in a variety of groups: for kids, for teens, for men, for women, for recovery, and for people in your neighborhood. It is in the life of a group where faith gets personal.

invest in the next generation

We love kids, and we want every kid to love church. Every Sunday, we have a place for every kid to experience community, faith, and compassion, not to mention fun. Children can have a safe place to play and learn on a Sunday. Middle school and high school students have groups where they can spend time with their friends.

connect with the local community

We love the greater West Chester community, and we believe we are called to invest in our community. We spend time getting to know the local needs, finding ways to serve our community through strategic partnerships and volunteer opportunities, and building relationships around the community at large. We seek to see the community of West Chester thrive.