for women

 Ladies, if we learned nothing else over the past 12 months, we learned we need each other. Sometimes it's nice to just have a group of women in the same room who get each other. That's why we're starting Together for women – a 4-week, interactive online gathering for women. Join us 4 Tuesdays in February at 8pm.Check out the weekly topics below. Grab your girlfriends, and we will see you there! We will send out a Zoom link prior to the call.


Try and register by Sunday, January 31st so we can deliver a gift bag to your home!

Week 1 (February 2nd)

 From Self Care to Soul Care

  • Oh, self care. We hear people talk about it all the time. Whether it’s drinking more water, exercising, taking a bubble bath, or eating dark chocolate, there are countless ways we should care for ourselves. But, why do we have so much trouble doing it? Perhaps because caring for self is more about caring for our souls. Grab your comfy socks, a cup of hot tea, light a candle and join us for Week 1 of Together. 


Week 2 (February 9th)

Lessons on Mental Health  

  • Mental health is a hot button topic these days. Pre-pandemic it was a problem, amidst the pandemic, it feels like a disaster. Depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation are all on the rise. Whether you are dealing with the occasional sadness or very much struggling with depression and anxiety, you are not alone. Hear from an expert on mental health and someone “who has been there” and came out on the other end. 


Week 3 (February 17th)

Peaceful Conversations 

  • Conversations can feel heavy these days. We all bring our own life experiences to them, and sometimes that brings some heat. Coupled with the challenges of 2020 and the start of 2021, we could all use a lesson in diplomacy and how Jesus approached opposing views – full of grace and truth. Hear from two people on how God is teaching them to discern how to approach difficult conversations, while still extending love and care for the other. 


Week 4 (February 24th)

Glimpses of Beauty

  • We are surrounded by beauty. A sunset, a light snowfall, a flower blooming, a baby sleeping. Our world is full of God’s beautiful creation. Come create something beautiful and learn from a woman whose decision to acknowledge beauty each day is changing her life.