marc lucenius

Marc grew up in South Jersey, near the Pine Barrens. His dad sold beer and his mom ran the Miss Burlington County Scholarship Pageant. He was confirmed in the church of his family’s heritage but never went back. God became real to him when he was in college at the University of Delaware. He knew he wanted to talk to people about Jesus, but didn’t know how. He received a Masters of Divinity from Westminster Theological Seminary, then later completed a Doctor of Ministry from Biblical Theological Seminary. All while serving for sixteen years for two special churches, Church of the Saviour in Wayne, and Willowdale Chapel in Kennett Square. Each of them is a partner in planting Project 938. 

Marc and Kathleen met in college, were married and off to seminary for a life of adventure in ministry together. Along the way, they became parents to Kelsey, Hannah, and Samuel who are the coolest kids in the world.  Kathleen is from DC and though she is still quite sentimental about the Redskins, has joined Marc in devotion to Philly sports. “We love our teams and love to talk about our teams just like we love our kids and love to talk about our kids.” 

Planting a church has been in their hearts for twenty years. Marc describes his particular calling in life to give himself to a vision to “repopulate our region with new, Biblical, healthy loving churches. We love the local church and we believe it is the best hope in this world to demonstrate the love of Christ.”

josh crum

pastor of outreach &

church planting resident


Josh was raised in the Philadelphia area and the way he cheers on his sports teams proves so—loudly and with great passion. He grew up in the church but it wasn’t until his life fell apart while in college at Penn State that God truly got his attention. That’s when he understood, for possibly the first time in his life, that faith wasn’t about being a slightly better version of himself. It was about being rescued from himself and the mess he had made of life. Through that experience, he realized God was prompting him to get involved in ministry. He wanted to help other people to experience the same hope that he had. Josh cares about helping people better understand the Bible, what it means, and why it matters.


Josh went to Biblical Theological Seminary and worked in student ministry for twelve years at two churches he still loves before moving to the Midwest to serve as Teaching Pastor at another church. But the pull of cheesesteaks, the 76ers, and Wawa were too much to resist, and he moved back to the Philadelphia area with his family to be a part of the Project 938. Moving away from the Delaware Valley made Josh realize how much he truly loves this region. So when the opportunity arose to join Project 938, he jumped at the chance.


Josh and his wife Bethany met in college and reconnected when he was in his dreadlocks phase, (they still disagree on the attractiveness of his hair at that time). Together they live in perpetual exhaustion because of their four small children. Josh loves hanging out with Bethany, playing and watching sports (if you wear uniforms and keep score, he’s in), traveling, reading, watching movies (regardless of how bad the reviews are), searching out street art, and footwear of the casual sneaker variety.

rachel short

director of discipleship + connections


Rachel grew up in Rockwall, Texas, a community thirty miles northeast of Dallas. Raised in a loving Christian home, she prayed with her mom to receive Christ and was baptized as a little girl. In eighth grade, she made the switch from a private Christian school to public school, a decision that greatly deepened her faith. Rachel went to college at the University of Texas at Austin where she studied corporate communications and business. She was heavily involved in serving and leading on campus ministries through her local church and had always prayed about going into vocational ministry. But, God had different plans initially.
When Rachel graduated college, she worked at the global public relations agency, Burson-Marsteller. She was then awarded the opportunity to attend an academic fellowship program at the John Jay Institute in Philadelphia. Following the John Jay Fellowship, Rachel took a job in West Chester, Pennsylvania, at American Philanthropic, a consulting firm that provides fundraising services to nonprofits.


At the beginning of 2017, God began reminding her of the calling that she wasn’t ignoring, but simply postponing, “to connect people to the person and mission of Jesus through the people of Jesus.” Rachel loves studying God's Word in a deeper way as a part-time seminary student at Westminster Theological Seminary, and she believes God has called her to Pennsylvania and Project 938 for such a time as this.

kevin giannotti

kids + youth director


Kevin (KG) Giannotti was born and raised in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, before moving out to the Midwest in high school. He remained loyal to Philadelphia sports, though, and after five years in Michigan and two in Indiana, he was grateful when God brought him back to the area to work as a Children’s Pastor in 2012. The highlight of his time in the Midwest was meeting his wife Rebecca, who moved to the area in 2015 when they married.

He served in another West Chester area church until 2018, when God opened the door for him to join Project 938. The church planting world was something he’d heard about but ignored for years, convinced it wasn’t for him. That changed when he found Project 938 and their partner, Stadia, who has a vision to plant churches “until every child has a church.” That’s a vision KG hasn’t been able to shake as he continues to pursue his life calling of “introducing kids to a BIG God who loves them more than they can imagine.”

KG and Rebecca welcomed their first son, Jace, into the world in February 2020. In addition to spending time with family, he greatly enjoys playing basketball and working out, eating ice cream, and is fiercely loyal to Philadelphia sports.

karen nines

operations director


Karen is proud to be the first Project 938 staff born and raised in Chester County, PA. As a child, Karen received her first communion and completed confirmation out of obligation, but her family never attended church. Karen would do anything to get out of going to Sunday School. Academically, college was a breeze for Karen, but a series of bad decisions made it difficult in all other ways. While holding her newborn son in a run down rental apartment, Jesus became real to her. Since that day, she has spent almost the last two decades learning about grace... and that a relationship with Jesus is never boring!


Karen is married to her very patient husband Bill. They have three children: Lance, Rachel, and Laura. They enjoy bonding as a family in their “second home” that doubles as a fifth-wheel camper. Karen went back to school when her youngest was a toddler to finish her degree and received a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Liberty University.


Karen has been on staff at Willowdale Chapel, wearing a variety of hats, including Kids Club Coordinator, Adult Ministries Assistant, and Celebrate Recovery Ministry Leader, plus various volunteer leadership positions. The call to church planting built from a quiet whisper to a deafening roar that could no longer be ignored. She’s been accused of being a secret technology guru and a “Jane of all trades”, which works pretty well for planting a church like Project 938!

walter kondratowski

Walter was born and raised in North Jersey. The son of a Pastor and a Teacher, Walter and his brother Joshua were raised in a Christian home, attended a Christian church every Sunday, and went to Christian school from K–12. When Walter graduated from high school he was accepted at Cairn University, another Christian school, where he would earn a degree in Bible and Pastoral ministry. Upon graduating from Cairn, Walter began serving in Christian ministry as the youth/worship director at his Father’s church and as the 9th/10th grade Bible Doctrine Teacher at a local Christian school. It was while serving in these capacities that he met a nice Christian girl named Kristin, whom he married in 2006. There was just one problem...Walter was not a Christian.


That all changed one day while driving to his job…at a church. Walter crossed from death to life because of a song. When he heard it, all of the things Walter had learned about Jesus broke free from his head and rushed into his heart. It was then that he finally understood Jesus didn’t just die for everyone else. Jesus died to save him too. (Feel free to ask him all about the events leading up to that moment!) Since then Walter has seen the power of God at work in his life and the transformation that comes when we allow what we know to become what we believe. His greatest desire is to help as many people as possible cross from death to life (John 5:24).


Walter and Kristin have four lovely daughters and a dog. They live deeply embedded in the Amish territory of Lancaster County. Walter continues to serve the church, specializing in both youth and worship ministries. He is currently a student at Moody Theological Seminary where he is obtaining his Master’s of Divinity.

mercedes thomas

communications coordinator


Mercedes went to church for the first few years of her life, but that ended upon her parents’ divorce when she was 7. For the next ten years, Mercedes remained uninterested in Christianity and God. When she was in her senior year of high school, Mercedes got into an unhealthy romantic relationship, which ended shortly before she started college, leaving her depressed and hurting. She went to West Chester University for English and Communications, and joined the on-campus Christian organization called Cru. With Cru, Mercedes went to fall retreat her freshman year, where she heard and finally understood the Gospel, and surrendered her life to Jesus.


After beginning her relationship with Christ, Mercedes began serving with the Media Team with Cru, and started attending Providence Church regularly. She also went on a summer missions trip/internship with Cru to Fort Collins, Colorado, which grew her faith and her love of ministry. In October of 2017, Mercedes became a part of Project 938 as the Social Media Intern, and got to be a part of this incredible church family pre-launch, launch, and now post-launch.


Mercedes graduated from college in December of 2018, and started a full-time job with a local lifestyle magazine, while remaining with Project 938 part-time doing communications. She is so thankful for being a part of this loving church family that has supported her and encouraged her for the past two and a half years, and looks forward to more opportunities to serve and work in ministry.

anna young

kids + youth intern


Anna was raised in a Christian home and grew up attending church. From the time Anna was in middle school she enjoyed volunteering in kids ministry. August of 2018, Anna visited Project 938 for the first time. Immediately, she could tell there was something different about the people there. Everyone was extremely welcoming and there was a true sense of community like she hadn’t experienced before. She started going to Project 938 and helping with the kids ministry. Anna is thrilled to call Project 938 her church home! 


Anna graduated from high school in June of 2019, and decided to do a gap year to pray and discern what God wants her to do with her future. While deciding on a gap year put an end to the big question of what to do after high school, Anna now found herself questioning what to do during her gap year. It seemed like there were endless options and yet none of them felt like the right fit. After talking with Project 938, they offered her a position as the Kids and Youth Intern. Anna instantly knew this was an answer to her prayers! Anna is thrilled to combine her love for kids and her love for God, by doing what she is passionate about, teaching kids about a big God who loves them more than they can imagine!

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