A better life?

If my experience of life could be 100% different, for the better, what would it entail?

Three things.

One: there is rest.

Rest involves a sense of peace. It is a process of refreshing and replenishing strength and often involves contentment. The rest mentioned in this passage is one found in hope. You may wonder if, because of this, we may be looking at a subjective type of rest. False. The hope this rest is found in is secured and entirely beyond our control, thanks to Christ.

Two: I would not be alone.

Pastor Marc mentioned a few weeks ago that worse than being beaten down by others, is being ostracized from others. Loneliness is scary and it is a difficult place to come out of. Not being alone is a place of security and comfort.

Three: there is something to look forward to…(i.e. hope.)

Hope is the desire for a thing to happen. If we know Christ has already gone before us and overcome death (Acts 2:24), then we know the thing that we desire exists, which is eternal life in harmony with God. This is a hope that is secure and entirely out of our control to alter or mess up.

Finding rest, not being alone, and having hope all contribute to a glad heart. Would I not feel so much more secure? Would I not feel much more confident in life? Would I not feel deeper joy? All of these are part of having a glad heart. They would change my whole experience of life, as well as of those around me.

“This Jesus” offers us each one of these things. Acts 2:1-41 tells us extensively about the life of freedom and redemption (but also adventure and risk and excitement) we are offered in Christ, through the Holy Spirit, when we repent and believe. What’s holding you back from asking God for a life like this this week?