How Do We Relaunch?

It is good to be in the “Yellow” phase now, and we are looking forward to returning to the “Green” phase soon. The question then becomes: How will we begin meeting again? Good question. There are several factors we’re taking into consideration as we move forward.

  1. What are the safety concerns that we need to address before we return to physical gatherings?

  2. What is the overall comfort level of our people and our community when it comes to returning to corporate worship?

  3. What physical spaces are available to us and are safe for gathering (the school is not available until September)?

  4. How much leadership capacity do we need to keep 938online running as well as in-person gatherings?

  5. For how long will we be able to meet for large person gatherings if the virus returns and mitigation shuts down our ability to meet?

What opportunities do our challenges afford us to grow as a church? So with these important questions out there, let us walk you through what we see and what we are hopeful about this summer: First of all: We believe that we need to not just return to what we once did, but instead take this opportunity to grow into the next phase of our strategy “to create safe, transforming, missional environments where people can know and love Jesus Christ.” We believe we can re-launch into the next phase of our mission, “helping people find their way back to God.” This next, intermediate phase of Project 938 will function in... Four Spaces and Four Paces.

  1. We hope to have all-together worship outdoors once a month beginning in July (dates TBD)

  2. We will meet in Neighborhood Communities once a month beginning on July 12

  3. We will continue to meet in community groups weekly

  4. We will continue to deliver content online daily.

What are Neighborhood Communities? Most people understand what all-together worship, community groups, and online content are. Neighborhood Communities may be new to you though. Neighborhood Communities are our way of organizing our church around relationship and proximity. We have worshippers traveling as far as Wayne, Wilmington, Chichester and Kennett Square. Creating clusters of people by geography will help us gather in off weeks if all-together church cannot happen, but it also can provide an easier path to the everyday life of church where we care for each other and see other “around the neighborhood.” Additionally, it enables us to extend ourselves deeper in outreach, enabling more opportunities for friends to attend local events and not have to drive as far to participate in 938. Relaunching Once we are clear to begin meeting again for weekly worship, we will begin a “launch sequence” where we will prepare to meet, train our teams and reach out to the community again to have a fresh launch of Project 938 for our community. That will hopefully be in September, assuming a growing safe environment for our people. We will continue to run 938online as meeting in person will be a health risk for some people and their loved ones. As we do so, please know that you can contribute to our mission by viewing the services on public platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, as well as commenting and sharing our posts. “Liking” a post will ensure that we show up in your feed but commenting and sharing enables us to show up in your friends feed. As we move forward as a church, we will more and more seek to realize that we are organized around our relationship to one another and our commitment to serve Jesus’ mission, and less by our regular events. Church has always been “friends on mission,” and I hope that through the challenging days of 2020, we can grow together in our friendship, mission and love for Jesus Christ.