So have you started Deeper: A 45-Day Challenge yet?

Maybe some of you have waited to start because you aren't so sure whether you can do it. If that is you, would you consider reconsidering? (You can click the links below for some suggestions on how to get started.)

The Deeper 45 Day Challenge is designed to grow your relationship with God in four key ways:

HEAD: Reading one chapter of scripture each day helps you tap into God's thoughts on life. God is not stressed, afraid, anxious or upset. The more we think like Him, the more we experience peace. Click here for ideas and resources in the reading habit.

HEART: Praying three times per day in some sort of posture gives you a way to bring your whole self into God's presence and surrender all fear, anger, doubt, confusion and pain to him. It’s not about praying perfect prayers… it’s about talking with God honestly. You can do this! Click here to learn more about praying in posture each day.

HANDS: The antidote to fear is not the ability to control your circumstances and it’s not just gathering more information and gaining more understanding. The antidote to fear is love. Extending ourselves to another person in a simple extra-ordinary way helps take our focus off of ourselves and connect us to God's streams of love towards others. Extending kindness and compassion to others helps us overcome fear. Click here for ideas of how to daily extend ourselves to others in an extra-though ordinary way.

FEET: Giving ourselves to our local community is one significant way that we can have an effect on a world that can seem out of control. We may not be able to change the world, but we can change worlds. Teaming up with church and other non-profits to impact people’s lives in tangible ways connects our hearts with God's heart for our community. These simple acts are deeply satisfying because they make a difference. Click here to hear more about our vision to be Together for West Chester.

We want to invite you to be a part of that. You can start today. Join the Deeper: A 45 Day Challenge now.