What's In It For You?

What's in it for you? The right question can change the way we see everything. History will write a lot about this crisis and whether we are in the second inning of this or the seventh inning. We each have a choice to make: What will our history say about us during COVID-19? What will it say about us as a nation, as a community, as a church, as individuals? What will you look back on and say about yourself during COVID-19? The assumptions we bring to a circumstance shape the way we experience it. A central assumption underneath Christianity is God’s work to redeem all things—that includes our lives and everything in them. He may not have issued a report on this exact moment in time, but he does give us an informed imagination to consider for ourselves the question: “God, what do you have for me in the midst of COVID-19?” God can and will grow you through this. Doing great things in the midst of pain and hardship is God’s specialty. We will not ultimately be victims to a devastated economy and a global medical tragedy. “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” – Romans 8:28 NIV We need to have this conviction inside of us that reminds us that no matter what we experience, we are not victims, but instead we can grow and no matter how difficult the experience becomes, God can use it for our ultimate, everlasting good—because his purposes are higher and greater than our own. Go Deeper with us. Sometimes what we see above the surface looks dramatically different when we see it from below. When we are purposeful about looking at a situation from a different perspective—when we slow down, when we move past fear and insecurity—it often looks different and less daunting than we initially thought. Why settle for surface level when we can go deeper? That’s our desire for you in this Deeper, 45 Day Challenge—to experience Jesus at a deeper level, to experience him more consistently and to see all of your life through his eyes. Have you started yet? If not, let me invite you to join the Deeper, a 45 Day Challenge right now.