COVID-19 Update—March 20

Hello Project 938,

What a week it has been. In the face of COVID-19, everything is changing. I want to encourage you of two things that we can be confident are not changing.

  • God doesn’t change. His love is unstoppable, and his thoughts are only benevolent towards each of us, always.

  • Our belonging in the Body of Christ doesn’t change. We are all united into the Body of Christ by the Holy Spirit—we are ONE, members of his body, and though we cannot meet physically, we all belong, and every one of us needs every one of us.

Yet belonging is going to begin to look different. I want to share briefly with you what you can expect going forward.

Worship—We will continue to gather weekly, and our team will create an online worship experience involving interaction, teaching from God’s Word, and an opportunity to connect with God. Also, Walter Kondratowski has joined our staff team as our Director of Worship.

His job description made sense when we agreed to this two weeks ago and we had a building and the ability to gather. However, most of us who know Walter have experienced him as a worshipper, leader, and musician. With or without a building, we will find new and creative ways to honor Jesus with worship expression. You can trust Sunday morning to continue to be creative, gospel-centered, warm, and interactive—just online. Oh, and we will be branding it 938online. Look for our ads, and feel free to invite your friends.

Don’t underestimate how the Spiritual interest in our world has increased. This past Sunday alone, we had over 432 people attend 938online. This level of attendance constitutes our largest service ever, by far.

Outreach—Our community will have unprecedented needs in the coming days. Please prepare your hearts and minds to join in. We are currently forming a task force that will help mobilize 938 into a community of servants for the good of our community. For more information, email me at directly, and I will connect you to this team.

Connection—The need to help people connect into the Body of Christ will never be greater as our lives change. Now, more than ever, this is a time to reach out and help people connect. Because of this, we will have our Next Steps Class this Sunday after 938online, scheduled in a Zoom Room. This is a great opportunity for you if you would like to join in. Click here to sign up for the Next Steps Class. If you would like to be on the team helping people connect at Project 938, reach out to Rachel Short at

Discipleship—Small groups will continue, both for adults and kids. Rachel Short and Kevin Giannotti are leading out in creating safe, transforming, missional environments online where all of us can grow and thrive during this crisis. For more information on groups for kids, email For information on groups for adults, email

Giving—Some have asked how Project 938 is situated for the coming financial crisis. Our team has wisely waited on spending Next Level funds. and have maintained a proper safety net of funds in case of emergencies. Yet, like other families, we are taking steps to save money and be prepared, while at the same time, we are spending money for online tech to meet the moment with courage, not fear. We know that your giving has never been a more significant act of trust than now. So thank you for trusting God in maintaining your giving.

A simple word of encouragement here: As each of us faces difficult decisions, may I encourage you to move towards Christ in each of your financial decisions and allow this time to be a moment where your trust grows, and your commitment to him expands.

A tip here: Some will use mail to continue their giving, but I recommend using our online app here and to choose to give through ACH and to use recurring giving so that you may set it and rest easy in your trust in Christ.

Days like these remind me how thankful I am for our church. Nothing is promised in this life except what comes from God. His Word shows us many precious promises that faithful saints have called upon for millennia now. He is the same, and he will be with us through this and as always...

…It will be good to be together.

With much love,

Pastor Marc