I love bridges. There is something majestic about the scope of a project and a bit of a mystery around how something gets built on top of air, not to mention the generally distracting attraction of the water below.

There is also something powerful in the way it serves as a connector between two pieces of land, without which many other things would be impossible.

I love bridges, small and large, but most of these engineering miracles are relatively unseen around us.

As a church, we have coined the phrase, "extend compassion" as a central value for us. When we use the term "extend" compassion, I imagine a bridge connecting two people. When there is a bridge between two people all sorts of possibilities emerge, without a bridge, there is just division. In a world of constant division, I believe that we need to be the kind of people that extend bridges of compassion that bring people together.

Kevin with the coats

Over Christmas, we extended a bridge to West Chester University by filling out the WCU Resource Pantry. They needed coats for the winter. We had 15 coats, and we extended ourselves simply to offer what we had. It was in the spirit of our messages about Christmas and how often God comes "small," but if you are a student walking across campus and it is 12 degrees, a coat isn't something small.

Thanks to all of you who brought coats and helped to create in Project 938 a culture of compassion with a simple step. We will look for more in the coming days.

In the meantime, let's keep our eyes of compassion open. We are entering one of the most difficult seasons of the year for people. God may give you an opportunity to extend compassion and build a bridge towards someone near you.

Pastor Marc



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