Why Two Services?

So, you might have heard that we are planning to launch our church at Grand Opening with two services…

“Wait, what?” Yes, two services. In the words of my movie character, Inigo Montoya, “Lemme ‘splain.”

Simply speaking, we realized that God may very well answer our prayers about an abundant harvest. We have been praying for months now and trusting in an abundant harvest. Maybe we should plan for it. We have some data that would suggest we are not off.

If you read our post on 25,000 Prayers, we will be “introducing” ourselves through a direct mail campaign, a committed social media push, and door hangers. Average direct mail campaigns will see a .05-1.5% response. We didn’t think much of it until we crunched the numbers. That could mean 125 to 375 people, even families, come out to our introductory services.

So, our auditorium can hold 450, which could be enough, but if God answers our prayers, even modestly, auditorium space is the last of our problems. Our lobby will feel really small, and most importantly, it will be difficult to offer our children an amazing, “mom, can we come back” experience. And on top of that, we would need our entire launch team to miss the first service as we will need to draft every warm body into preschool and children’s ministry.

So, we are planning two services: 9:00 & 10:30 starting on Feb 4. We are not committing to this forever, but we will do this so that we can put our best foot forward, expecting God to answer our prayers. It enables us to offer: 1. A great children’s ministry experience, and 2. The warmest welcome and lobby experience possible.

If you have any questions about this or anything Project 938, we are eager to hear your feedback. Shoot me an email directly at marc@project938.net.

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