How to BLESS another person

This summer at our gatherings we talked about the fundamental call of the believer, to be a blessing to the world. We talked about a simple acrostic for being a blessing to another person: BLESS. This blog is the first of five

B—Begin with Prayer

“Ask and it shall be given to you…”

Have you ever really wanted something for someone but it just seemed to elude you? Maybe you wanted them to see something they were blind to or you wanted them to experience God the way you have? And you feel stuck. You can’t force it, and/or you don’t have what they need. It is tempting to get cynical and bitter or worse, controlling and manipulative. You want it and if you could just… if they could just….why doesn’t…?

Intentions can be deceptive. To intend something doesn’t actually produce something. Our intentions are good, but if we don’t have the ability to carry them forward, we give up on our good intentions and settle for the status quo.

Prayer, to quote David Wells, “is a rebellion against the status quo.” That is why every endeavor to bless another “begins with prayer.” Prayer, as John Piper describes it, releases God’s power and ensures God’s credit. If it is only activity driven by our intentions, it is then about us and the credit goes to us, and so do the limitations. When it is about us, we are limited by us, but when it is about God, there is no limitation.

When we seek to bless, be it our neighborhood, our office, our next door neighbor or family, it must begin with prayer. No one seeks to bless more than God and no one has greater power to bless than God. So, we line up with his purposes so that we can ride the wake of his power, to bless.

So, as a starting point, at 9:38 today, ask God for the opportunity to be a blessing and ask him to use you to bless another and ask for the grace to see the opportunity before you.