From Here to There (part two)


Have you ever experienced this? You have watched a show or a game and you are ready to go to bed, but you are too tired to go to bed, so watch something you would rather not watch or a game that just isn’t worth it. That is called inertia.

Inertia: The law/principle of inertia states that a body at rest will remain at rest and a body in motion will continue moving with a constant velocity unless acted upon by an external non-zero force.

Ok, so in order to leave here, we need a reason to move and break the inertia. There are a lot of good reasons to work to see a new church form, the foremost being the impact a new unique church will have generation after generation. However, what I want to move me is the same thing that moved Jesus.

When he saw the crowds, he was “moved,” with compassion. He looked at people and he knew that they needed not just his healing, but they needed him. Under the leadership of this world, they may have looked ok on the outside, but they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without his shepherding care and love.

There have been a few moments in my parenting when I have not been able to see my kid in a crowd. Time starts to move slow. With each passing moment, anxiety rises, my imagination takes over and anxiousness gives way to this distinct fear—it is the same fear I remember when I was a kid, lost at the carnival—times two. This bolt of alarm causes me to walk fast, my head is on a swivel and nothing matters in the entire world, nothing, but finding my child. Every person and everything I see is either useful to me in finding my child or an obstacle—nothing matters more than me finding my child. Then I see her and my body goes through a transformation of relief, love, perspective, peace and joy—because the one I love has now been found.

That is how God is about rescuing His lost children. His children have grown up in a carnival world that has left us harassed and helpless and we have gotten distracted thinking that with another dollar we will win the game and get the Teddy Bear, hoping the warmth of the teddy bear will fill the embrace for which we have always longed. A teddy bear from a carnival does not satisfy a child’s need for their parent anymore does achievement, security, romance or any other good thing from our world’s carnival does.

Let’s imagine that the worst case scenario happened and I never found my child again: even if she made good on her life, the two of us would spend the rest of our lives with a gaping hole that nothing could fill but the other. As a parent, I would give everything away to hold my child once more and would never stop looking until I found her.

God does not stop when it comes to His children. He is so serious that he sent His only Son and gave Him over to the carnival master who took him away, even to hell itself. The Father lost his son so that He can have us. Jesus was enslaved to death (temporarily) to purchase us back. He was sent to gather us back to Himself and to be the good shepherd, for helpless and harassed people like me.

A lot of people assume heaven is filled with inertia or apathy or anger. People see the crowds and they wonder why there is so much hurt. Jesus saw the crowds for what they were and was filled with compassion. In his mind, it can’t stay the way it is. He knows that we can’t stay here. He teaches us to pray that The Lord of the Harvest would send workers to go there. And so we go…