From Here to There (part one)

We are currently a collection of people who are committed to planting a church and a crowd of people interested in planting a church. That is great and encouraging. However, a collection does not make a church. How do we get from being a smattering of people to being “a people.”

We are not the first group of people to have to figure this out. After Pentecost, the church went from 120 to 3000 in a day. These were people who had come to Jerusalem from around the Roman world and now they had this new life in Christ and….now what? What did they do?

Acts 2:42 says, “They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” They spent time together, they built relationships, they shaped their lives through the teaching of scripture, and they worshiped and prayed. Pretty simple stuff. They did this in homes, and as it grew they managed to scale effectively. Later in the same passage, it says, “they enjoyed the favor of all the people" and "the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.” As a group, people wanted to be around them, even people who still had questions about Jesus. It was an open community that others wanted to be around.

For us to go from a collected group of individuals to a missional team serving Christ together, it will take a little time and practice and a lot of effort in building relationships. But this is the most fun part of the church plant. Think about it. We get to be a part of the kind of process from which the best of stories derive. Just think of this short list of classics:

The Avengers—the moral of the story is they must defeat evil together.

Hoosiers—“Five players, one team, working as one unit together”.

Fellowship of the Ring—“You must do this…you will be the fellowship of the ring”.

Rocky III—Apollo and Rocky are now friends? dancing in the ocean together, really?

Remember the Titans—Remember football players dancing?

Let’s not forget Tombstone, Oceans’ Eleven, and even The Fast and The Furious seems to follow this mode (didn’t see it, just guessing).

This is the fun of planting a plant—seeing a community bloom before your eyes and God make a group of people so much greater than the sum of their parts. And we get to do that. As we lean into the organic life of being a church we get to see the unfolding aspect of this. Sunday, I laid out three ways we can be involved and to see this new life of a church unfold:

Bonus—Attend a Memorial Day party. Click here to sign up for one.

CPT—Church Plant Training—We will talk about how we will together plant this church. Anybody is invited to this. We will do this every Sunday morning in the Commons at Willowdale Chapel Kennett Campus starting June 4 through the summer at 10:45.

Weekend Gatherings—This is where we will start doing church. We will gather and enjoy each other, starting to building the relationships that will be the foundation of the church.

Serving opportunities--I laid out six teams that you can join to make this happen.

They are as follows, and I quote:

Hospitality—Make the weekend gatherings happen.

Outreach—Let’s find ways to make the community around us better.

Social Media—Let’s connect with each other and our community digitally.

Kids—Let’s bring our elementary kids together and build a community among them.

Students—same as above—a few events to help spark a ministry with students.

Some of you aren’t ready to commit to anything just yet. I know, I get that. Just hang around a little bit and you will know if this what you are supposed to be a part of or not. Remember, when it comes to the legacy of a church--there are only a few people who get to say, "I helped start that..."