May 2, 2018

March 15, 2018

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Exciting Update: New Leader Joining the Project 938 Staff Team!

August 7, 2018

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Wait, What? You’re Planting a Church? (FAQ’s)

March 13, 2017

Ok, so there are some frequently asked questions about this venture. Let's talk about them. Please use the comment field to put any other questions or thoughts out there. Thank you for indulging my cute little Koala. You know it is a secret internet tactic to use cute animal photos to garner attention.


What? When, Where?

We are hoping to launch a new church in West Chester, somewhere on the 202 corridor between route 1 and route 3, by the beginning of 2018.





Aren’t there a lot of good churches in West Chester?


Yes, there are many faithful churches and even a few large churches between Glen Mills and West Chester, however, compared to most regions the area is quite barren spiritually. Missiologists suggest that the saturation point for churches is about 1:1000 people and to that number, the area falls significantly short.


In fact, new churches are 5-7 more effective at reaching unchurched people than established churches. The growth of new churches often comes much more from the unchurched population than other churches. So, even though there are good churches, a new church will not be in competition with those already meeting. Additionally, most churches are most effective evangelistically in their first ten years. There have not been any newly planted churches in this region in the past ten years.


Will this be another Willowdale Chapel campus?


Many effective churches are more committed to the principle of multiplying versus the actual form of multiplication. So in recent years, growing churches are expanding in a variety of ways, through campuses, church planting, adoptions, mergers, etc. Often a driving factor in what determines the form of multiplication is the leadership available. I am, in particular, excited and feel ready to be a Lead Pastor, not necessarily a Campus Pastor.


How will this church be related to Willowdale Chapel?


Though the church will not have a governmental tie with Willowdale Chapel, it will be a daughter church, will forever bear the “genetic” reflection of Willowdale Chapel yet it will also need to become mature and independent of its mother church. Willowdale Chapel as its mother will share in each of the successes of this new church, just like any parent takes personal pride in the success of his or her children.  The two churches will likely find opportunities to partner together in various ways as opportunities present themselves.


I hear there is a partner organization involved. How are they participating?


Stadia is the partner organization involved. They are NOT involved in the vision development, but rather the resourcing of a leadership t