“Fat guy in a little coat” How to Pray at 9:38 (Part Three)

“Fat guy in a little coat...”

You know this one or you don’t. If you don’t, it is because you are a more noble person and you have not descended to entertainment such as movies like Tommy Boy. But some of you knew exactly about which I am talking. A scene of such stupidity that it kind of sticks with you.

But it is an apt picture that I suggest Jesus wants to get across when he says, “the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few….” There are three things I would encourage us to reflect on as we pray at 9:38.

  1. Stop thinking about that picture. That won’t help you be more spiritual.

  2. “Expect great things from God; Attempt great prayers for God." I paraphrase that quote from William Carey. When I look at West Chester, I am tempted to hope we can pull off a church here. When Jesus looks at West Chester, he sees an abundant harvest of people, 150,000 plus who could see their lives restored and healed as they learn to worship him. Could you pray for thousands, could you pray for dozens of new churches? Look around at the fields of early March. They are just dirt, but in months they will be filled with lush vegetables, corn, flowers, and life. Our region may look like simple dirt, but with a little cultivation and prayer, Jesus’ renewal could transform our region. Our prayers should reflect nothing less than the greatness of Jesus’ love and compassion for our region. Pray boldly.

  3. The need for more workers is like the little coat on the fat guy. Allow this part of the verse to capture your imagination and lead you. When you think of your community, where is there fruit to be picked without a worker in sight? Where do you wish you had co-laborers with you as you serve the people and community around you? If you could send 50 laborers somewhere, where do you see the rich harvest? This part of the prayer is not a request you bring to God, but a question. Listen attentively.

  • Our first interest meeting will be on April 2, at 6:30 at Willowdale Chapel, Kennett Campus. It would be great to have you to dream with and pray with that night. Just think: Sixty years ago, a similar small group came together and dreamed about what a church in the "town of Willowdale" could become. There is no way to calculate the cascading legacy of impact from generation to generation that is first attributed to their faith. Maybe this could be a part of your legacy....