How to Pray at 9:38 (part one)

So, maybe you set an alarm on your calendar app to remind you to pray and it now goes off (at the most inconvenient times) and you stop yourself to pray and you pray/say to yourself, “God, uhh ….I hope Marc…and his family….bless… West Mills/Glen Chester…uhh…hallowed be your will be done… amen.”

You want to pray, but what do you say? and what are we really asking for?

The great thing about praying scripture is it gets us to be praying according to what God wants as we use his words to shape our thoughts and our prayers. So the next few posts will be about how to pray a verse of scripture, starting with Matthew 9:35-38. As an aside, I have said to myself so many times over the last month, “I can tell people are praying at 9:38.”

Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness. (Mat 9:35 NIV)

This verse opens this section with the amazing scene of Jesus transforming impact on the countryside, going to all the villages, teaching, proclaiming the arrival of God’s leadership and reign in the world and healing all diseases and sickness. This is the vision statement of the passage. Jesus does three things that make all of these towns different—He tells them the truth about God, He announced that God’s Kingdom will make all things better and he proves it, by healing every sickness disease.

When Jesus shows up he teaches, he leads, he heals. How does your neighborhood need Jesus’ teaching, leadership, and healing? Jesus seeks to offer it so we should pray for it. At 9:38, try praying something like, “God send us your teaching, leadership and healing. Ask God to come to West Chester and Glen Mills and teach, lead and heal. Teach us to listen to each other…teach us to love…lead us to care for those on the margins… heal us of our anger and fear.” At the same you, you can ask God to show you where you and your community needs His teaching, His leadership, and His healing.

And then watch, for how God will answer…

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