The Invisible Church Plant

So what is going on with the church plant?

Right now, is all of the invisible work. When someone goes to build a house there a is a lot of activity, from getting zoning permits to drawing up architecture, even to digging a foundation before we see any parts of the house going up.

We are in that stage of church planting right now. Stadia, our partner organization, calls it the Development Phase. I will be doing four things during this phase:

  1. Building a Management Team. The management team functions outside of the church plant and will oversee me as the church planter. They will officially hire me and have the power to fire me. They set the budget and take responsibility for its oversight. It will meet monthly until the first worship service and then quarterly until the second anniversary, ceding itself over time to a local elder team. There will be 3-6 members.

  2. Articulate Vision and Strategy. We will put on paper the words that will drive the movement, shape our sense of brand (I hate that word) and devise the basics of how we will accomplish our plans. This will be discussed, processed and refined over the months and you will have an opportunity to hear and interact with this if you like. However, we will build out a starting point by which we will determine our three-year budget.

  3. Develop a budget. With Stadia, we will determine a rough view of what a three-year budget will require. This gives us the ability to project expenses for rent, staff, and outreach as well as basic admin needs. Stadia brings particular expertise here for which I am grateful.

  4. Fund this budget. I will begin making appointments to fund this vision. Start-up capital is the most critical success factor next to church planter readiness.

After the Development Phase, we will begin our pre-launch phase, gathering our core group, training on mission and vision. This fall we plan to release new ministries and groups in our target area. We expect to have a few preview services late fall and launch our worship service on Super Bowl Sunday, 2018 (if not before…:) )

Stay tuned!