The Lucenius' go to Assessment Center

Some of you know that Kathleen and I attended a church planting assessment center (CPAC) last week with Stadia in Raleigh, North Carolina. Stadia is the organization that we, with Willowdale, will partner with as we plant in West Chester. CPAC is where they assess our character, competency, and readiness to plant right now. We were tested with about a dozen personal profiles and then spent three days in group projects, interactions and presentations as they discerned our strengths and weaknesses for the task of planting a church. The end result is that they like us, they recommended us to plant and gave us additional helpful feedback.


Now what? We shift from the “discovery phase” of planting to the “development phase” of planting. We have four things we need to accomplish in this phase before we go into the final phase “pre-launch” hopefully by this summer. In the next three months, our goals are

  1. To build a management team that will oversee me as the planter and the overall church planting project through year two of Sunday morning worship services.

  2. Secondly, we will articulate and clarify our vision, mission, and strategy for this church plant.

  3. From there we can build a budget.

  4. Then we will do any necessary fundraising to establish a plan to plant a healthy church at the right time.

How can you participate? Please keep praying at 9:38. Pray that God fuels us forward and makes His path clear. Learn with us. Keep reading the blogs and other resources that we put out here. Dream about what God can do and share those dreams with me and others. Stay tuned to the938 Blog for other ways you can get involved in what is next.

btw--You may know some others who are interested in this opportunity to start something awesome. Feel free to forward this blog and to invite others into this movement of prayer.