Two Additional Reasons to Plant Churches (2 of 4)

  1. New Churches best reach new groups of people. Existing churches have people who are “filled up” relationally, so when a newcomer comes, the existing members do not have as much open space to accommodate new relationships and therefore do not stick as easily. Imagine a Lego piece, with eight spaces for other Lego pieces to attach. Those in existing churches often have all of their spaces filled with other friends filling up their spaces. New churches are often filled with people who have cleared room in their Lego piece and are ready for new relationships. This new space creates new opportunities for relationships and socialization that otherwise doesn’t happen in an existing congregation.

  2. Church planting produces personal revival. Here is the deal.

We get way out of our comfort zone when we step out in faith like this. When we step out in faith, we see God at work and then deeper trust forms, from that, produces personal spiritual revival. Ok, I have no real church planting stats or quotes here. I just have my anecdotal experience of stepping out in faith and talking to people who step out in faith. From a pastor’s perspective, the only thing that equals the faith-building, trust-forming dynamic that planting a new congregation is personal suffering. I would so much rather God work in the lives of my friends through mission than through suffering.

How have you experienced God meet you when you step out in faith?