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Taking a next step together to BUILD COMMUNITY:


We want to trust God to grow our teams and raise $50k to expand to go to the next level. 

938 Kids

New A/V technology for expanded kid’s ministry in cafeteria

New divider walls to increase capacity for preschool

New signs to build energy around our vision for 938 kids

New furniture and equipment for kids

Mobile equipment to be used on Sunday morning and at Launch

New Team Members

Preschool Team Members938 Kids Team Members

(Cafe, Lobby, Next Steps)

Upgraded signs to freshen our look

New Furniture to increase the warmth and “welcome home” feel

Fixtures to make greater use of hallway outside of auditorium

A TV screen to cast vision about activities at Project 938


New Team Members

Parking Lot, Lobby, etc.

Cafe Hosts


A pre-owned box truck to:

House additional equipment used on Sunday mornings

Deliver equipment for LAUNCH and other non-Sunday 938 programming

Strategically become additional advertising

Pull the trailer, decreasing dependence upon pick-up truck

New Team Members

Truck Driver Apprentices

Set Up Team Members

Tear Down Team members

Upgrades to sound equipment

New Musical equipment to for percussion and guitars

Video camera for web streaming

Stage decorations

New Team Members


Team Apprentices

Slide Techs


Taking a next step together to STRENGTHEN FAITH


We want to step forward in faith to grow our prayer team and to raise $25k.

New churches connect to people who are unchurched or dechurched 3-4x better than established churches

New churches create opportunities for new and younger leaders to emerge
Church planting residents can provide strategic leadership to move key initiatives forward in a mother church
Church planting is super fun

New Team Members: The prayer team


This team will pray for our mission and the needs of our church family.

Taking a next step together to EXTEND COMPASSION.


We want to turn outward to grow an outreach team and to raise $50k
 to expand our front door, extending the love of God to more people.

Fund opportunities to connect to more people through a 938 Internet Campus (outreach)
To cover rent and advertising for programming to meet felt needs in the community (Divorce Care, Pre-Marital, Workshops, seminars
Connect to more people through strategic advertising
A financial gift to Fugett Middle School

>>> Fund our vision through a year- end gift.

How many $938’s could you give at the end of 2019?

>>> Fuel our vision with a commitment to serve.

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Let’s do this together

“… we all reach unity in the faith and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.” 


EPH 4:16

Let’s take a next step

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New Team Members: The invite team


This team will take on outreach projects like delivering postcards, hosting festivals and finding ways to get the word out about Project 938.

Join our online worship

service on Sundays at

10:00am @ 938online.net


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