a 45 day challenge

“Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” John 7:38 NIV

Jesus has promised that our lives can be life giving springs of water to a world in need.   Jesus calls himself the living water and we can drink of his life and be a source of that to a needy world.  To those who first heard him and for us in this day, this invitation is almost irresistible. 


We long for this but we wonder why it doesn’t become real in our lives. Most of us don’t miss out on it because we aren’t interested in it. It's just that our interests are so broad that the channel through which we might receive this water is so shallow it can only move precious little living water through us.  


A world filled with unlimited options is a world where focus is precious. When a river loses its banks, the movement of water goes where it doesn’t belong and the river loses its force and focus.  


What if we dug our channels deeper and reinforced the banks of those channels that we might experience more of God’s Spirit and deliver more of his goodness into the world in which we live. 

What if we went deeper?

We are inviting you to take a 45 day challenge, to focus on four key personal practices that will deepen and fortify the work of God in your life.  


Four practices: one each for your head, heart, hands and feet.





Read one chapter of scripture daily

Pray in posture at three set times each day

Extend yourself to one person daily in an extra-ordinary way

Commit to a place of local service in our community

Click on each of the boxes below to learn more how to exercise each of these personal practices.


Read one chapter of scripture daily


Extend yourself in an extra-ordinary way to another daily


Pray in posture at three set times daily


Commit to serving locally

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