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The mission of project 938 is to “help people find their way back to God.” This can be a journey of a lifetime.  The 938 blog is dedicated to learning how to take this journey well.

August 1, 2020

Everyday we face choices. Choices like:


Starbucks Coffee or Wawa Coffee?

Giant or Wegman’s?

Comcast or Verizon?

Gritty or Phanatic?

Dunkin or Krispy Kreme?

Wid or widout?

But many of the choices we make run deeper than simply coffee preference or your feelings on cheese...

June 20, 2020

There’s something different about this group.

Those are the words spoken (or thought) almost every time we are together. About a year ago, I was asked to be a part of a “discipleship journey” with seven other women leaders. These women never cease to amaze me. Whether t...

June 13, 2020

It is good to be in the “Yellow” phase now, and we are looking forward to returning to the “Green” phase soon. The question then becomes: How will we begin meeting again?  Good question. There are several factors we’re taking into consideration as we move forward....

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