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When walking into Fugett Middle School, look down the hall past the auditorium for the area designated for 938 Kids. We will meet your family and check your child into our database system. Once your child is checked in, you can drop them off in their designated classrooms.


Planning a visit? Want to save some time? Please feel free to preregister your child(ren) at the link below.

By informing us of your child's name, date of birth, special considerations (allergies, medical needs, etc...) along with your name, address, email and mobile number, we will have all we need to greet you and check your child in safely.

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938 Kids reflects the mission of our church to build community, strengthen faith, and extend compassion starting with our children and youth. We create safe, transforming, missional environments for kids, youth AND volunteers to know and love Jesus Christ.


We model a grace-based gospel and seek out ways to partner with parents to leave kids with a faith that "Sticks".   

interested in serving?

Interested in learning more about being a 938 Kids small group leader, apprentice, assistant or check-in volunteer? Click the button below and check the box let us know you want more information about joining our awesome team!

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