We are doubling up! Starting on November 1st, we will be IN-PERSON at 9 am and 11 am at SALT Performing Arts in West Chester. This will be a time to rebuild community around our mission. Join us for worship at 938online.net at 9 am and come to SALT at 11 am. Or join us at SALT at 9 am and worship online at 11 am. 



Our lives are not an accident. We have a purpose, and God has a purpose for our Church, our community, and our world. Before our church’s ‘grand opening’ on February 4, 2018, Project 938 began as a simple community of workers who prayed for the greater West Chester community. We met in living rooms, coffee shops, and random buildings throughout our region to pray and dream about the kind of church God wanted us to become. We began building community, strengthening faith, and extending compassion. We prayed, like Jesus tells us in Matthew 9:38, for God to send out workers into the harvest field. Many of YOU are those workers we prayed for. God led us then, and He is leading us now. 

As we turn the page to a new kind of world – a world that is not a surprise to God, despite it being a surprise to us – we believe God is reminding us again of our purpose. That’s why our series, “life on purpose,” laid the foundation for the next seven weeks of “938onPurpose.” Our mission as a church is still the same: To help people find their way back to God. But, the 2020 world we live in looks different. So, what’s a church to do? We are going to return to our roots and remember the purpose God has for us. Over the next seven weeks, we will unpack the three practices from our “life on purpose” series – surrender in worship, make space for others, and pray for one. We will pray and dream together about where God is leading us to next. Buckle up, Church. Let’s do this. 

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What to Expect:

Expect an interactive experience combined with teaching, interviews, and “small group discussions” surrounding the following topic areas. Kids aged K-5th grade will have a blast with 938kids (11am only). Preschool childcare is available as well.  




November 1: Becoming a community who worships


November 8: From control to freedom




November 15: A biblical view of rest 


** November 22: Hanging of the Greens & Food for the Hungry Week**


November 29: Building friendships through hospitality 





December 6: Praying for workers


December 13: Our great mission

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7


During the next seven weeks, is 938online.net the same as 938onPurpose?

So glad you asked! We are doubling up! 938online.net will be a more “normal worship service” with musical worship, a 30 minute message, and clear next steps. 938onPurpose will be similar to a “workshop” or breakout session at a conference.

Will I be required to talk?

No way! While we do hope you will engage or interact, please do not feel like you have to speak up in a small group setting or large group setting. We believe in creating a safe environment where folks feel free to talk or not.

Will masks be required?

Yes way! Thanks for embodying a safe community!

Do you need help with serving?

Sending socially-distant hugs! We always need folks to serve on Sundays whether it’s with set up or tear down, coffee, greeting, serving in kids, etc. If you are interested and able, email info@project938.net. Thanks in advance!


Join us Sundays at 9 or 11am

online at 938online.net


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