"938" refers to the chapter and verses, 
  Matthew 9:35-38   that describe Jesus’ vision for the church in the world.

The number comes from the first book of the New Testament written by Matthew, a follower of Jesus who wrote down his experience of Jesus for us to learn about. Specifically, 938 refers to the chapter and verses, Matthew 9:35-38 that describe Jesus’ vision for the church in the world. In the story, Jesus is preaching and telling people good news and healing people and the crowds were crashing in around him. He knew that that the people needed what he had. In fact, when he looked at the crowds, Matthew described how Jesus had “compassion” on them. He saw real people with real human problems.


Jesus, being God on earth, could have done a huge miracle and fixed every person's problems. But He didn't want everyone to be fixed, He wanted them to feel loved. So he looked at his disciples and taught them to pray, to pray for a church that would be the human solutions to the human problems that the real people in the crowd were experiencing. He called his followers to help people feel loved.

Having tasted this ourselves, we believe that there is nothing more powerful than a 
  COMMUNITY    that takes steps of   FAITH   together, extends   COMPASSION   together, and demonstrates God’s   LOVE   together to help people find their way back to God.



A lot of people left an earlier version of church that they didn’t like because church portrayed an inaccurate picture of God. Maybe, church displayed a "boring" god or a “judgmental” god or a “distant” god, or an “indifferent” god. Those perceptions of God and church may have left many to give up on church.

We like the name “project” because it helps all of us start with the premise that
  no one is perfect. 




Project means that we need to come together in order to move forward. It also means that it is not about us, but what God wants to do in us and through us for those around us.

Deep down, we believe Project 938 is about seeing people come together. For we know that as God sends us out together, we have the ability to become greater than the sum of all of our parts. That is why we activate our values wherever we are. We build community wherever we go, strengthen faith in whoever we meet, and extend compassion to every place we are sent.

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