we build COMMUNITY

When we think of life’s most meaningful moments, we consider who we were with, not simply what occurred. Friendship is the X-factor that makes the moments in life matter. Wherever we go, we want to bring people together and kindle the kind of community that brings meaning to our moments. We want this for our friends, and we want this for our families.

we strengthen FAITH

Much of life is outside of our control. There are so many things to chase, and so many things to do. Faith gives clarity to what matters most. Faith doesn’t always show us Jesus’ master plan, but it can help us take next steps. So we strengthen one another’s faith, we look to God, and we take our next steps together.

we extend COMPASSION

We live in a broken world and we see the brokenness in our lives. Our story starts with us experiencing God’s compassion. We believe that God loves, and we need to remind each other that God loves us. We do that with words and we do that with deeds. We extend compassion to one another and to everyone around us. Jesus doesn’t want the church to fix the world, or to rule the world, but rather, to love the world. We will love imperfectly, but we will never stop giving ourselves to love and extending compassion.

Join us Sundays at 9 or 11am

online at 938online.net


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