Joshua 3

They needed to get wet.

“Now the Jordan overflows its banks throughout the harvest season. But as soon as the priests carrying the ark reached the Jordan, their feet touched the water at its edge and the water flowing downstream stood still…and the people crossed.” (3:15-16)

Joshua was told that the Jordan would stop only when the priests stepped into the flow of the flooding water. Couldn’t Joshua just raise a staff like Moses? Why did their feet have to get wet? God gave them an opportunity to see his actions on their behalf tied to their faith. God was committed to accomplishing his purpose. He wanted them to see how eager He is to respond to their faith.

All through the experience of Project 938, I have, time and time again, seen God allow me and others to see his action tied to a prayer, tied to a step of faith, just so He can remind us that He is the one accomplishing his purposes. We just get to see Him work, with wet feet. See our post on 25,000 Prayers and you will have an opportunity to get your feet wet.

Do you know what your next step of faith is? Does it feel like you are stepping into a river at flood stage? You are not alone. Don’t take that step alone, but do take it.

~Marc Invest in Project 938 @Project_938

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