How One Church Was Planted

I recently had a conversation with Vince Antonucci, a church planter in Las Vegas reaching people far from God in a church called Verve Church. This is his second church he planted. Here is how he and three others planted their first church and reached a lot of people far from God.

The four of them moved to Virginia Beach to start a church and after their first summer, they were not getting anywhere. So, they had an idea. They didn’t think it was a great idea but…they figured a bad idea was better than no idea.


They printed up 15,000 flyers with an invitation to a picnic for people to hear about a church for people who don’t like church. The four of them took them door to door wherever they could to get the word out about this picnic. The picnic was to be held at 11:00 on a Sunday morning, figuring these people had no other place that they would have “wanted” to be at that time anyway.

104 people showed up. They cast their vision about a church and 88 people committed to being a part of the launch team. Four of them got mad and left, but that gave them 84 people to slowly build out a church with. Eventually, this became Forefront church and grew to a church of 1,000 or so, built mostly from people who did not want to go to church.

Sometimes the right ideas aren’t necessarily great ideas, just “an idea” run with passion and precision. Some of you remember how bet all of their money to start their business with a Super Bowl ad. Not necessarily a great idea, but they made it work.

Ok, try this: You have five minutes to come up with one play that would attract unchurched people to be a part of a new church. What would you do?

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