Two (yes really, two more) reasons to plant churches (4 of 4)

  1. Church Planting has changed our culture historically. In 1776, 17% of the population attended church. By 1916, that number changed to 53%. What changed? The number of churches. In 1820, there was one church for every 875 Americans. Between 1860-1890, church planting bloomed and even though the population grew rapidly, so did churches. By 1900, there was one church for every 430 Americans and one-third of all congregations were less than 25 years old ( The culture of our country was changed, from less than one in five participants in church on a Sunday to over 50% in the span of a decade. Central to that transformation was church planting.

  2. Ed Stetzer says, “Not since the pioneer days of settling the west has this country seen such an emphasis on church planting”(check out Viral Churches). Church Planting is a growing and an increasingly resourced movement. For decades, the US has averaged about 3500 church closures each year. As recently as ten years ago, the number of new churches each year now exceeds 4000. Click on this link to read Christianity Today’s State of Church Planting 2015. As a movement, it is growing as new networks emerge, grow, agencies are forming around the purpose of church planting and even conferences like Exponential are gathering over 10,000 people every year.

What is most compelling to you about church planting?


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